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Where is your favorite place to sit at Dodger Stadium?

Where do you like to sit when you go to a game?

MLB: APR 03 Padres at Dodgers Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

What makes Dodger Stadium so great are all the different places you can experience the game from. The top deck, to the dugout and to the outfield, each section offers a completely different experience.

Growing up, I would go to about 10 games a year and I would always sit in the top deck. Mainly because it was the cheapest option, but the top deck offers the absolute best view. Not only do you have a great video of the field, the view of the palm trees and San Gabriel mountains is breathtaking each time.

I’ve also sat in the outfield countless times, and there arguably isn’t a more exciting place to be. You’ll find the most passionate fans out there, so if you’re a die-hard fan, that is the place to sit.

Time to turn it to you. Where’s your favorite place to sit at Dodger Stadium, and why? Share your experiences in the comment section!