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Watch party: Dodgers vs. Cardinals, 1959

Baseball at the LA Memorial Coliseum

1959 World Series: Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by American Stock Archive/Getty Images

We’re going to do something a little different with this watch party, checking out a seemingly random regular season game between the Dodgers and Cardinals from 1959. However, there are still several interesting tidbits about this one.

Dodgers-Cardinals lineups

Pos Cardinals Pos Dodgers
Pos Cardinals Pos Dodgers
2B Blasingame (L) 3B Gilliam (S)
RF Cunningham (L) 2B Neal
LF White (L) LF Moon (L)
3B Boyer CF Snider (L)
CF Cimoli 1B Larker (L)
1B Musial (L) RF Fairly (L)
SS Grammas C Roseboro (L)
C Smith SS Zimmer
P Jackson P Craig
July 25, 1959 Box score

It’s at the Coliseum, which gives us a chance to see the weird dimensions and the screen in a ridiculously shallow left field, especially for those who didn’t see the Dodgers’ exhibition game there in 2008.

This game has two Hall of Famers, with Duke Snider batting cleanup and playing center field for the Dodgers and Stan Musial batting sixth at first base for the Cardinals. There’s also two future MVPs in Maury Wills and Ken Boyer.

Wills and Ron Fairly are Dodgers rookies in this game, with John Roseboro in his second full season behind the plate.

Don Zimmer started at shortstop in this game, and has an animated run-in with home plate umpire Dusty Boggess, described wonderfully by Jack Brickhouse on the broadcast.

Roger Craig starts on the mound for Los Angeles, against Larry Jackson for St. Louis. The Dodgers entered the day 54-45, in second place in the National League, 2½ games behind the Giants.

This game went 10 innings, though the YouTube video is only a partial broadcast. It’s still worth checking out, for all of the reasons listed above. We’ll start watching at 5 p.m. PT.

Watch party details

  • What: Cardinals at Dodgers
  • Where: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
  • When: Saturday, July 25, 1959
  • Box score
  • Watch: YouTube, 5 p.m. PT