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Darryl Strawberry says Dodgers fans aren’t dedicated

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He didn’t hold back

San Franciso Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers

Darryl Strawberry had a very forgettable Dodgers tenure. In his three years, Strawberry hit .243, and appeared in only 214 games. Though he struggled in Los Angeles, he appears to have resentment towards the city, and it’s all because of the fans.

In an interview with SNY, Strawberry said going to play ball in LA was the biggest mistake he did during his career.

“LA fans come late and leave early. New York fans come early and never leave. They wait until the end of the game, whether you win or lose, and I was used to that.

I was just more used to the aggressive fans and playing in New York City and letting people be over the dugout and yelling at you running across the field. And when you suck, they tell you you suck. And you look at them like, ‘Yeah, I do suck right now. I need to get better.’”

Dodgers fans, what are your thoughts on this? Also, if you saw Strawberry play for the Dodgers in the 90’s, what do you remember most?