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What year did the Dodgers have the best draft? gave their best

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2014 MLB Draft Photo by Taylor Baucom/MLB via Getty Images

The Dodgers have always been one of the best teams when it comes to the MLB Draft. A lot of their top talent has always been home grown. With that being said, which year was their best draft in your opinion? ranked every teams best draft, and they decided for the Dodgers it was 1968. From that draft, six players would go on to be All-Stars, combining for a total of 23 All-Star Game appearances. Both of those numbers are draft records. In addition, they also set a record of a combined 236 WAR between 10 big leaguers. Before I reveal the players, I’ll let you take a guess at who the six are.

Alright, I’ve given you time to think, let’s get to the answers.

  • Steve Garvey (Michigan State, 1st round)
  • Ron Cey (Washington State, 3rd round)
  • Davey Lopes (Washburn University, 2nd round) *
  • Doyle Alexander (Alabama Prep, 9th round) *
  • Bill Buckner (California High School, 2nd round)
  • Tom Paciorek (Houston, 5th round)
  • Joe Ferguson (Pacific, 8th round)
  • Geoff Zahn (Michigan, 5th round) *
  • Bobby Valentine (Connecticut High School, 1st round)

* Selected in January’s second phase