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Bobblehead No. 3 — Eric Gagne

My personal favorite

For my personal collection, this is my favorite bobblehead the Dodgers have ever given away, and it has been for a while. However, there are two others that come close that I’m sure are in the top three or so for most fans, so for this series we’ll have those be the top two.

The Dodgers gave out this Eric Gagne bobblehead in 2004 following his Cy Young Award winning season in 2003.

This might be the most detailed and accurate looking bobblehead the team has ever done. I don’t even know where to begin.

First off, it gets bonus points for being in the road jersey. This was the first time the Dodgers gave out a bobblehead that featured a player in a road jersey, and if I’m not mistaken, I think it’s the only player in a road jersey that features the “Los Angeles” script. The Dodgers have given out bobbleheads of players in the road “Dodgers” jerseys.

Next, the accuracy with his face and head is spot on. They gave him is signature goggles that look great, another reason why this bobblehead is unique. They also made sure to give him the sweat stains that he actually has on his hat. Gagne is also doing his iconic fist pump. I couldn’t find a good photo of him doing it in the road uniform, so here’s an exact replica of him in a home uniform doing it.

Getty Images

Also, it might be tough to tell in the photo, but this is probably the biggest bobblehead the Dodgers have given out. Compared to the ones they give out now, it’s a few inches bigger and overall thicker. When you pick it up, it weighs a good amount. Oh, and what makes a bobblehead a TRUE bobblehead? It has a GREAT bobble.

I was able to find the original commercial from the giveaway, too.

Check out the full list!

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