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No. 77: Greatest Dodgers of All-Time: Yasiel Puig

The Wild Horse

World Series - Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Four Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Yasiel Puig

Time with Dodgers: 2013-2018

Stats: .279/.353/.478/.831, 108 HR, 331 RBI, 686 H, 365 R, 127 OPS+, 712 G

Baseball Reference WAR: 17.6

FanGraphs WAR: 16.7

Combined WAR: 17.15

There haven’t been many players in franchise history who have captivated fans the way Yasiel Puig did. From his debut in 2013, all the way through he final few games in a Dodgers uniform, Puig electrified Dodger Stadium every time he took the field.

What is there to say about Puig that hasn’t already been said? He was a fan favorite, but there were also a good number of fans who weren’t supporters of the way he played. And you know what, that’s completely okay.

Back in March, I wrote an in-depth article on Puig and his rookie season. I talked about the hype leading up to his debut, his historic first month in the majors and the rest of that rookie season. I also shared some of my favorite memories of his time here in Los Angeles.

Discussing Puig’s career with Los Angeles, with all the ups and downs, could be well over a few thousand words. He’ll always be known as one of the more popular players in team history, for good or for bad. Instead of trying to recap his whole career, I’d like to ask the fans what their biggest memory is of Yasiel Puig. It can be good or bad. But when you think back on his career, what stands out the most to you?

Here’s where Puig ranks in LA Dodgers history:

  • 108 home runs (19th)
  • 365 runs (29th)
  • 686 hits (34th)
  • 129 doubles (26th)
  • 331 RBI (31st)
  • .831 OPS (18th)

I’ll just leave this here. To this date, I still get goosebumps. This could (and should) have been the turning point in the series that could have led the Dodgers to winning the World Series.

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