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Watch party: 1988 World Series, Game 4

Join us tonight at 5 pm PT!

A Mark McGwire walk-off home run saved the Athletics in game 3, as they trail the Dodgers 2-1 in the World Series.

Had the Dodgers picked up the victory, they’d lead the series 3-0 and they’d be going for the potential sweep tonight.

Tim Belcher gets the start for the Dodgers, making his second start of the series. Game 1 was a disaster for him, as he lasted only two innings and allowed four runs, all which came off of one swing. Taking the mound for Oakland is former Dodger, Dave Stewart. He got the start for the A’s in game 1 of the World Series and was excellent. He threw eight innings and allowed three runs. He was in line to pick up the victory had it not been for Kirk Gibson’s walk-off homer.

Starting Lineups


  1. Steve Sax - 2B
  2. Franklin Stubbs - 1B
  3. Mickey Hatcher - LF
  4. Mike Davis - RF
  5. John Shelby - CF
  6. Mike Scioscia- C
  7. Danny Heep - DH
  8. Jeff Hamilton - 3B
  9. Alfredo Griffin - SS

Tim Belcher - P


  1. Luis Polonia - LF
  2. Dave Henderson - CF
  3. Jose Canseco - RF
  4. Dave Parker - DH
  5. Mark McGwire - 1B
  6. Carney Lansford - 3B
  7. Terry Steinbach - C
  8. Glenn Hubbard - 2B
  9. Walt Weiss - SS

Dave Stewart - P

We’ll be starting Game 5 at 5 p.m. PT. There isn’t a full version of the game on Youtube, it’s only split into two. So, once the first one ends, click on the link to Part 2 to join. If you join late, skip ahead to however minutes past 5 o’clock it is. It’s a little more difficult with it being broken into two parts, but I trust you’ll be able to do it!



Watch party details

  • What: 1988 World Series, Game 4
  • Who: Dodgers at Athletics
  • Where: Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA
  • When: Wednesday, October 19, 1988
  • Box score
  • Watch: YouTube, 5 p.m. PT