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No. 75: Greatest seasons in Dodgers history: Burleigh Grimes, 1920

The 100 year anniversary!

Burleigh Grimes, 1920

Stats: 23-11, 2.22 ERA, 25 CG, 131 SO, 303 23 IP, 144 ERA+, 2.80 FIP, 1.11 WHIP

Baseball Reference WAR: 7.1

FanGraphs WAR: 5.1

Combined WAR: 6.1

Burleigh Grimes spent nine seasons in Brooklyn and had many good seasons. We’ll be seeing him later on this countdown, but for today we’ll be taking a look back at his 1920 season. Hey, it’s the 100-year anniversary! Let’s look back at what Grimes did 100 years ago.

If they had a Cy Young Award 100 years ago, Grimes definitely would have been in contention to win it. He finished in the top three in most categories in the National League, including ERA (3rd), wins (3rd), innings (3rd), strikeouts (2nd) and complete games (3rd).

Unfortunately, Grimes didn’t pitch on June 8 of 1920. However, this date was sandwiched between two starts, and they couldn’t have been more different. On June 6, Grimes threw a shutout while allowing six hits and walking one batter. His next start on June 10, he allowed nine runs in 7 13 innings. For Grimes, it was by far his worst start of the season, and it was only one of six times all season he allowed more than three runs in an outing.

The best game of his season, and maybe his career, came on May 14 on the road at St. Louis. For the game, Grimes threw fourteen innings, and only allowed one run! Luckily for him, he got run support in the 14th inning and was able to pick up the hard-earned win. For the game, he allowed one run on seven hits while also striking out nine. His strikeouts were a season-high.

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