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No. 71: Greatest Dodgers of All-Time: Jimmy Johnston

He ranks in the top 20 for a lot of offensive categories in team history

Jimmy Johnston

Time with Dodgers: 1916-1925

Stats: .297/.350/.377/.727, 20 HR, 390 RBI, 1,440 H, 727 R, 164 SB, 102 OPS, 1,827 TB

Baseball Reference WAR: 17.5

FanGraphs WAR: 18.8

Combined WAR: 18.15

Jimmy Johnston played 10 seasons for Brooklyn back when they were known as the Robins. Only a handful of players have spent a decade with the club, so his numbers put him near the top of a lot of the all-time categories. It’s also why his WAR is so high.

For the most part, he had a pretty decent career in Brooklyn. He hit just under .300, averaging 140 hits a season with the club. Johnston didn’t hit for power, as he averaged only two homers a season.

The best stretch during his tenure came from 1920 through 1923 when he hit .315/.363/.412/.774. He had 772 hits, which was an average of 193 per year. There were two seasons in which he finished with 203 hits.

Johnston received MVP votes in 1924, finishing 18th on the ballot. He appeared in only 86 games, but still finished with 94 hits and scored 51 runs.

On October 6, 1925, he was traded by the Brooklyn Robins with Eddie Brown and Zack Taylor to the Boston Braves for Jesse Barnes, Gus Felix and Mickey O’Neil.

Here’s where Jimmy Johnston ranks all-time in franchise history:

  • 1,266 games (19th)
  • 5,372 plate appearances (15th)
  • 727 runs (17th)
  • 1,440 hits (13th)
  • 73 triples (11th)

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