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Justin Turner & Alex Wood back at Dodger Stadium

MLB opening day is three weeks from today

We’re getting closer and closer towards the start of the 2020 MLB season. This week, players will be reporting to Dodger Stadium and camp will be getting underway. We saw a quick behind-the-scenes glimpse of it yesterday, as two Dodgers players took to Instagram to share how it’s been going so far.

Justin Turner posted this video of him taking some live batting practice. Safe to say he looks ready to go.

The sound off the bat is beautiful, and the artificial crowd noise as Turner takes off to round the bases is even better. It’s a nice little touch added. I’m sure whether or not the Dodgers plan on doing something like this with no fans in the stands this year, but I think it’d be a nice idea.

Alex Wood posted a video too, this one a quick four-second clip of him on the mound.

Just like with the Turner clip, there was some artificial crowd noise added in too. Both Wood and Turner look like they’re ready to go, which is great to see. Hopefully we’ll get some more videos like this through the coming weeks, as baseball is set to return three weeks from today.