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A wild first day in baseball

Baseball is back!

There was a lot that happened yesterday, as baseball officially made its return after a four-month hiatus. With so much to unravel, I’m definitely going to leave out some things. Before we get started, if you missed the Dodgers game last night, don’t worry. Chris Taylor is OKAY after colliding with the panda. He’ll just be a little sore today.

  • We got to see a brand new rule in full effect, as Shohei Ohtani became the first runner to start at second base in an extra inning game in the MLB.

His reaction to finding out he had to go to second was classic

  • #NUMBERWATCH — Nathan Eovaldi magically just changed his jersey number.... mid-game? What?
  • Kyle Hendricks of the Cubs became the first pitcher since Clayton Kershaw in 2013 to throw a shutout on Opening Day
  • Christian Yelich broke the jumbotron before the season even started... impressive.
  • Shane Bieber of the Indians finished with 14 strikeouts in only six innings. Look at some of these pitches!
  • The Rangers won their first game ever at Globe Life Field. For you trivia nerds out there, here are some important stats that you may need to know for some day.