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Dodgers president Stan Kasten remains optimistic on season

“Hopefully, this is the worst outbreak we have this season, because it will teach us some things,” Kasten says. “But I do think we expected something like this at some point.”

Divisional Series - Washington Nationals v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

After a coronavirus outbreak among the Miami Marlins organization, there are growing levels of concern about whether or not the MLB season will be canceled.

Per Jeff Passan of ESPN, the total number of infected players on the Marlins is 11 of the 33 who have been traveling with the team and two coaches.

The Marlins’ home opener against the Orioles Monday night was canceled, along with the Phillies’ game against the Yankees, which has been postponed.

Amid news of the outbreak, Dodgers’ president Stan Kasten joined MLB Network Radio to share his thoughts on the situation currently unfolding.

I don’t believe there’s going to be any panic, just yet. I think we understood there might be occasions like this, which is why we had our player pool as big as it is. My understanding, from talking to other teams, is that it’s supposed to be business as usual.

Maybe we’ll learn all of those things today. I think this will be an evolving process. Hopefully this is the worst outbreak we have for the rest of the season because it will teach us some things. But I do think we expected something like this at some point. Maybe getting it out of the way early will help teach us things that will avoid repetitions of these things going forward.