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Dodgers start 60-game MLB schedule on July 23 at home against the Giants

Opening day game will be televised by ESPN

Ballparks Remain Empty On What Would Have Been Baseball’s Opening Day Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

It’s 17 weeks later than originally planned, but we have a new start date for the Dodgers’ 2020 season. Opening day for the Dodgers will be Thursday, July 23, hosting the Giants at Dodger Stadium at 7 p.m. PT.

Dodgers-Giants is one of two games on July 23, along with Yankees-Nationals, both televised by ESPN. The rest of MLB opens on Friday, July 24. The Dodgers’ opener is part of a four-game weekend series, including nationally televised games on Saturday, July 25 (1 p.m.) on Fox, and Sunday, July 26 (7 p.m.) on ESPN.

“It’s nice to open up at home with a team you’re familiar with,” manager Dave Roberts said.

The 60-game schedule will involve teams playing the entire season in their own region. The Dodgers will only play National League West and American League West teams. Same goes for other divisions — central plays central, and east plays east.

The season keeps the same six divisions and the playoff format remains unchanged. Three division winners and the two next-best records as wild cards in each league will advance to the postseason. So in each league there will likely be teams fighting for wild card spots against teams they don’t even play.

The Dodgers play 40 total games against their four NL West opponents — 10 games against each team — and 20 games against the five teams in the American League West.

The interleague split for the Dodgers includes a pair of three-game series against their designated rival Angels, and 14 games against the other four AL West teams. They play a pair of two-game series against the Astros, including two games in Houston on their first road trip:

  • Aug. 14-16 at Angels, Sept. 25-27 vs. Angels
  • July 28-29 at Astros, Sept. 12-13 vs. Astros (the Sept. 12 game is nationally televised on Fox)
  • Sept. 22-24 vs. A’s
  • Aug. 17-18 vs. Mariners, Aug. 19-20 at Mariners
  • Aug. 28-30 at Rangers

The Dodgers will also host three spring training exhibitions, two against the Diamondbacks on July 19-20, and one game against the Angels on July 21.

The Dodgers are scheduled to end their season with a six-game interleague homestand against the A’s and Angels, concluding on Sunday, September 27, meaning their schedule calls for them to play their 60 games in 67 days. While that may seem daunting, the original 2020 schedule had the Dodgers playing 59 games during that span.

Dodgers 2020 schedule

Date Opponent City Time (PT)
Date Opponent City Time (PT)
Thu, Jul 23 Giants Los Angeles 7:08pm
Fri, Jul 24 Giants Los Angeles 6:40pm
Sat, Jul 25 Giants Los Angeles 1:10pm
Sun, Jul 26 Giants Los Angeles 7:08pm
Mon, Jul 27 OFF
Tue, Jul 28 Astros Houston 6:10pm
Wed, Jul 29 Astros Houston 4:10pm
Thu, Jul 30 Diamondbacks Phoenix 6:40pm
Fri, Jul 31 Diamondbacks Phoenix 6:40pm
Sat, Aug 1 Diamondbacks Phoenix 5:10pm
Sun, Aug 2 Diamondbacks Phoenix 1:10pm
Mon, Aug 3 Padres San Diego 6:10pm
Tue, Aug 4 Padres San Diego 6:10pm
Wed, Aug 5 Padres San Diego 6:10pm
Thu, Aug 6 OFF
Fri, Aug 7 Giants Los Angeles 6:40pm
Sat, Aug 8 Giants Los Angeles 6:10pm
Sun, Aug 9 Giants Los Angeles 1:10pm
Mon, Aug 10 Padres Los Angeles 6:40pm
Tue, Aug 11 Padres Los Angeles 6:40pm
Wed, Aug 12 Padres Los Angeles 6:40pm
Thu, Aug 13 Padres Los Angeles 6:40pm
Fri, Aug 14 Angels Anaheim 6:40pm
Sat, Aug 15 Angels Anaheim 6:40pm
Sun, Aug 16 Angels Anaheim 1:10pm
Mon, Aug 17 Mariners Los Angeles 6:40pm
Tue, Aug 18 Mariners Los Angeles 4:10pm
Wed, Aug 19 Mariners Seattle 6:10pm
Thu, Aug 20 Mariners Seattle 4:10pm
Fri, Aug 21 Rockies Los Angeles 6:40pm
Sat, Aug 22 Rockies Los Angeles 6:10pm
Sun, Aug 23 Rockies Los Angeles 7:10pm
Mon, Aug 24 OFF
Tue, Aug 25 Giants San Francisco 6:45pm
Wed, Aug 26 Giants San Francisco 6:45pm
Thu, Aug 27 Giants San Francisco 6:15pm
Fri, Aug 28 Rangers Arlington 6:05pm
Sat, Aug 29 Rangers Arlington 4:05pm
Sun, Aug 30 Rangers Arlington 11:35am
Mon, Aug 31 OFF
Tue, Sep 1 Diamondbacks Los Angeles 6:40pm
Wed, Sep 2 Diamondbacks Los Angeles 6:40pm
Thu, Sep 3 Diamondbacks Los Angeles 6:40pm
Fri, Sep 4 Rockies Los Angeles 6:40pm
Sat, Sep 5 Rockies Los Angeles 6:10pm
Sun, Sep 6 Rockies Los Angeles 7:10pm
Mon, Sep 7 OFF
Tue, Sep 8 Diamondbacks Phoenix 6:40pm
Wed, Sep 9 Diamondbacks Phoenix 6:40pm
Thu, Sep 10 Diamondbacks Phoenix 6:40pm
Fri, Sep 11 OFF
Sat, Sep 12 Astros Los Angeles 5:15pm
Sun, Sep 13 Astros Los Angeles TBD
Mon, Sep 14 Padres San Diego 6:10pm
Tue, Sep 15 Padres San Diego 6:10pm
Wed, Sep 16 Padres San Diego 1:10pm
Thu, Sep 17 Rockies Denver 5:40pm
Fri, Sep 18 Rockies Denver 5:10pm
Sat, Sep 19 Rockies Denver 5:10pm
Sun, Sep 20 Rockies Denver 12:30pm
Mon, Sep 21 OFF
Tue, Sep 22 A's Los Angeles 6:40pm
Wed, Sep 23 A's Los Angeles 6:40pm
Thu, Sep 24 A's Los Angeles 6:40pm
Fri, Sep 25 Angels Los Angeles 6:40pm
Sat, Sep 26 Angels Los Angeles 6:10pm
Sun, Sep 27 Angels Los Angeles 12:10pm