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On this date: Mike Piazza wins All-Star Game MVP

Fun fact: I was also born on this date!

Happy 24th birthday to me, but also happy 24th anniversary to the day Mike Piazza took home All-Star Game Most Valuable Player honors.

Coming into the game, Piazza was making a case for the National League MVP. Through the first 80 games of the season, the Dodgers’ catcher was hitting .363/.432/.623/1.055 with 24 homers and 63 RBI. Pretty, pretty good.

In his first at-bat of the game, Piazza launched this ball into left field. Rumor has it the ball landed three years later.

Piazza then had an RBI double in his next plate appearance.

Piazza became the fourth player in Dodgers history to win MVP at the All-Star Game, joining Maury Wills (1962, the first ever ASG MVP), Steve Garvey (1974, 1978) and Don Sutton (1977).