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Joe Kelly calls out Astros and opens up about suspension

He had a lot to say

Los Angeles Dodgers v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Well, it’s finally here. We’ve been hearing that Joe Kelly was going to be a guest on Ross Stripling’s podcast, where he’d unload and spill everything that happened recently in Houston. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you go and listen.

Go to Spotify or Apple Podcasts to give it a listen. It’s 45 minutes and it is just as awesome as you think it would be.

If you don’t have time to go and listen to all 45 minutes, here are some of the more notable quotes that Kelly had to share.

Joe Kelly’s thoughts on the eight-game suspension he was given:

The things just blow my mind. We’re playing 60 games here. It goes in a blink of an eye. 8 games is pretty steep. Especially for a wild pitch. I have some pretty good evidence on my side. I had a team put together a mashup of all my accidental pitches, if those pitches were punished I’d probably be banned from baseball like Pete Rose. It’s crazy, especially for being a reliever. That’s a quarter of my games.

On the infamous face he gave:

It’s a face my wife gives me. Sometimes I complain too much. She’ll give me a ‘boo-hoo’ face. When Carlos was chirping, the ‘boo-hoo’ face felt right. It sounded like a bunch of whining. It was a reaction and my interpretation of him acting like a child.

With no fans, it’s great. The game gets elevated because you can hear guys yelling F-bombs. I think the intensity is a little higher because players are more aware of competition. I went out and got a hold. I went out and did my job and came out of it with an eight game suspension. Apparently you can’t walk a guy and apparently you can’t say bad words or make funny faces at an opposing team because that will cost you eight too.

I should have hit somebody with a baseball, then hit someone with a fist, then make the benches clear. All my fault. I missed with the ball, I didn’t hit anyone with my fist then I walked away. Major League Baseball is in a world of trouble right now.

For MLB to come at me. Apparently my cute face enticed a whole team to come out towards our dugout is complete bullshit. I socially distanced. I walked away. I followed all the guidelines of the CDC. They walked out of their dugout. Carlos Correa fucking spit at our team. This guy walks over to our dugout and spits, and I get eight games. Then they wanna say ‘Well Joe, your words are unsportsmanlike’. With no fans I can hear everything. They have a manager on their side yelling ‘Get your skinny ass on the mound.’ My cuss words get eight games and his get zero? That makes complete sense, welcome to planet earth. The bullshit reasoning they gave me is nonsense. They’re lucky I’m not posting the letters. Freedom of speech. I followed every rule. I didn’t make those guys come out. Damn, maybe I shouldn’t be playing baseball. Maybe I should run for President if my words are that powerful. After I’m done playing baseball, I might run.

MLB does an investigation, and they want people to snitch. The way for them to do that is to give people immunity and rat people out. Yes, everyone is involved, but the way it was ran, the coaching staff was not the head boss. It was the players. They take the likelihood. who worked hard to become a manager, and they were axed. You get immunity, then you rat like a little bitch, that’s the problem I have and I don’t think that’s right. I didn’t have an altercation. They had an altercation. I cussed. So did their manager. I walked away, they walked towards me.

I should be taking notes on how many ball fours turn into suspensions. I’m not going to back down because someone has more power over me. People take me with a grain of salt sometimes. This is something I’m passionate about it. I know deep down the real truth. At least I know I went and I fought. I have to try and see what happens.

If they would say ‘I was super scared I didn’t want to be suspended.’ If you would say that and grow a pair of balls. Me, I’d say my bad bro, I’m sorry. No. Until that happens, I don’t know if that’s happened, I don’t talk to those guys and I don’t want to because they’re not respectable men. You don’t tell my teammate to shut the fuck up and then spit at us. I will never respect them in that way until something is said. By the way, it was ball four.