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1920 Dodgers Week 17: Sweet, blessed off day

Two rare off days and a Rowdy home run

Dodgers Fans In Line At Ebbets Field Photo by Keystone/FPG/Getty Images

The 1920 Dodgers continued their homestand this week 100 years ago, but more importantly they had their first days off in four weeks. In fact, Brooklyn had two days off last week — Wednesday and Friday — and none were weather-related.

August 4 was the Dodgers’ first off day since July 7, and the club played 30 games in the 27 days in between rest. Brooklyn went 18-12 in those games

Those days off didn’t help much, as Brooklyn followed up a series win over the Cardinals by losing their first two games against the Pirates, each with a day off beforehand. Saturday’s loss came at the left hand of veteran Pittsburgh hurler Babe Adams, who shut the Dodgers out after losing his first three starts against Brooklyn this season.

Burleigh Grimes had an up and down week, beating St. Louis on Sunday followed by surrendering a lead in the eighth inning Friday against Pittsburgh, then giving up three runs in the 10th to lose. Grimes allowed eight runs in 10 innings in that one, his 18th complete game of the season. He also drove in runs in both starts and was used as a pinch-hitter Monday.

Highlights on offense included center fielder Hy Myers (7-for-17, .412, triple, 4 runs scored), third baseman Jimmy Johnston (8-for-21, .381, triple), and first baseman Ed Konetchy (6-for-17, .353, 2 doubles).

Catchers Otto Miller and Rodwy Elliott combined to go 5-for-17 (.294) with three RBI in five games, including a home run by Elliott. But this was mostly a way to remind you that the 1920 Brooklyn Dodgers had a backup catcher named Harold Elliott who went by Rowdy.

It was Brooklyn’s first home run in 21 games.

Week 17 summary

2-3 record
22 runs scored (4.40 per game)
24 runs allowed (4.80 per game)
.460 pythagorean record

Year to date

58-45 record
436 runs scored (4.19 per game)
352 runs allowed (3.38 per game)
.597 pythagorean record (61-42)

NL standing: 1st place, a half-game up on the Reds

Game results

Up next

The Dodgers run the Hans Lobert gauntlet, finishing up their series with Pittsburgh before hosting Chicago, then heading across town for a pair of games against the Giants.