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Get your Gavin Lux T-shirts while they’re hot

You could say Lux’s career is about to take off, BreakingT thinks so at least

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Gavin Lux hit two home runs in Tuesday’s Dodgers win in Arizona, and is the starting second baseman against right-handers going forward. He got off to a slow start this season at the plate and in the field, but the future is bright for Lux, who entered the season a consensus top-10 prospect in baseball.

Get in on the ground floor by purchasing a Lux T-shirt now from BreakingT, then in a few years you can tell all your friends that you were in on the ground floor, that you saw this popular band when they were playing small gigs way back when.

The shirt itself features a plane taking off in the background, but instead of the LAX sign at Los Angeles International Airport, it’s a “LUX” sign.

Don’t make an error and throw your chance away to own this shirt.