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Mookie Betts continues to amaze us

He’s pretty good


We all knew what we were getting when the Dodgers acquired Mookie Betts. With the exception of Mike Trout, Betts has proven to be by far the best player in baseball over the last couple of years.

Every night you get to see him play, there’s a chance you can see him pull off something brand new that will wow you. He did that again on Saturday night. Standing on second base, an overthrown pickoff attempt ended up in center field. Betts took third. After a lackluster throw back into the infield, Betts decided to try and make it home.

He did.

“You’ve got Trout, but I don’t see anybody else in that category,” manager Dave Roberts said to the media following the game. “That’s one of the better plays you’ll ever see. As far as the heads up to take third place on the errant throw and to run hard around third place, to understand where the baseball is. To beat that throw. What a heads up play.”

Roberts said that a play like that sends a message to the entire ball club. He said that every play matters, and how you play the game is important. Betts does an amazing job as showcasing that, as we’ve seen him do that on a nightly basis.

Clayton Kershaw had the perfect response postgame.

“Who does that?” he said with a smile on his face. Kershaw then went on to give him some pretty high praise. “Obviously he’s leading the league in homers, doesn’t strike out, runs the bases well. He is the best right fielder I’ve ever seen. Theres a reason Andrew [Friedman] have him 12 years. It’s going to be a special thing to watch for a long time.”

Ah yes, that’s right. We have Mookie freaking Betts for another 12 years. I still can’t believe that. Take it in, Dodgers fans. We’ve got it good.