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Limited Cody Bellinger bobblehead available now!

Only 400 have been made!

If you thought the Justin Turner bobblehead was really cool last week, just wait until you get a look at the new one this week. The Dodgers had a number of unforgettable plays from their World Series run, and this one might have been the best.

In Game 2 of the NLDS, Cody Bellinger robbed Fernando Tatis Jr. of what would have been a go-ahead home run in the seventh inning. San Diego would have taken the lead, and there’s a great chance they could have won that game and tied the series up. Instead, Bellinger kept it in the ballpark and the Dodgers went on to win the game.

Now, it’s time to honor that in bobblehead form.

This is an absolute must-add for any bobblehead collector out there. This is an absolute must-add for any Dodgers fan out there! Hurry to get yours, as only 400 of these were made, so they’ll go quick. Click here to get yours!