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Longtime Dodgers fan Larry King passes away

He was 87

Giants v Dodgers Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

It’s been a very rough month for the Dodgers, and the losses keep coming. Larry King, an all-time great talk show host, passed away on Saturday at the age of 87. King, known for his work as a host, was also a very well-known Dodgers fan.

As many know, King was originally a fan of the team when they were in Brooklyn. King was actually in attendance on April 15, 1947, the day Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier.

“When he came out of the dugout, we all knew history was being made that day,” King said to PBS back in 2016.

King said that he attended his first Dodgers game at Ebbets Field in 1943.

“I’ll never forget walking into Ebbets Field,” King said. “The only description I’d ever had of it was [from Dodgers broadcaster] Red Barber’s voice. I saw the game through his voice. It was incredible how green the grass was, how brown the dirt was, the white lines.”

What’s his all-time favorite Dodgers moment? His pick might surprise you.

Also, King shares his favorite Dodgers team

Check out this awesome moment when King went at it with Tommy Lasorda for agruing balls and strikes at the Old Timers Game back in 2013.

I’m so happy that just like Lasorda, King was able to see the Dodgers win a World Series one last time.

R.I.P. to a legend.

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