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Cooking with Mookie Betts

The competitiveness of the Dodgers star is on display

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World Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Six Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Mookie Betts was one of several stars in various fields interviewed by GQ for something called The Happiness Project, with tips and tricks from folks like Betts, Phoebe Bridgers, Anthony Hopkins, Drew Barrymore, Tracy Morgan, Roxanne Gay, and others on “finding joy in tough times.”

But mostly, I just want SportsNet LA to start televising cooking episodes with Betts and his family.

Here he is, describing various ways he and his family are competitive in nature:

The cooking contest, I think I’ve only lost one, and we’ve probably had 20 or 30 of them. We do them all the time. What we do is, we will call another family member and ask them for three random ingredients. Basically “Chopped,” but at home. And usually two-on-two. One time we did lemon, popcorn, and pumpkin. I think we made, like, a little pizza situation, and it was layered with popcorn and pumpkin, and it had, like, lemony sauce. It was the best that it could have been, like a 5 out of 10. That’s never going to be good, but I made it better than them — that’s all that matters.