Some Support from NorCal and a Thank You

Hey Dodger Nation,

I want to send a thank you for beating those hated San Francisco Giants, I am born and raised in NorCal and I absolutely hate that baseball team with every fiber of my human being.

I am an Oakland A's fan and I had to live through 4-5 years of the Giants parades; the after-series riots, and all the bandwagon fans. Yes, they tend to brag and show off quite a lot. No, they won't shut up if they're winning and they'll let you know about it (especially with the "Beat LA" crap that I never cared for, because aside from the Lakers, I really don't have any beef with LA teams).

But more importantly, the Giants ownership have tried so hard to kick the A's out of the Bay Area. I grew up a few minutes away from the Coliseum so naturally they became something very near and dear to me. To have something I care about and special to me be gone because some greedy a-hole thinks they can take the entire NorCal market fucking hurts. Here's to the A's staying in Oakland long term.

I've always liked and respected the Dodgers anyway; some A's fans are still petty about 1988 but I'm a z-ennial and most of my hatred goes towards the Yankees (2001 ALDS), Tigers, and the Trash. I kinda root for y'all because it annoys Giants fans so much, especially since they think they represent everyone in the Bay Area (no, they don't, and never will, not again since 1968 at least). Again, I've dealt with 3 parades, after-series riots, and the bandwagoners, rooting for y'all is so damn easy, and it was cathartic to see them crumble so fast against the Dodgers.

NorCal hates the Giants, and many of us are glad you got rid of them in the playoffs. No dealing with Giants crowds on the way home. Hell, if the A's do move, I'll immediately switch my allegiance to Dodger Blue because there's not a chance in hell I'm supporting the San Francisco Giants, the salty-ass entitled part of their fanbase can go kick rocks for all I'm concerned, especially over a 50/50 call (and not like my beloved A's haven't been screwed over in the playoffs).

May our friendly rivalry continue.

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