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No changes in Dodgers’ lineup for Game 4 of NLCS

The Dodgers will have the same lineup for Game 4 as they had in Game 3, with one minor tweak

National League Championship Series Game 3: Atlanta Braves v. Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Dodgers are keeping the same starting eight as yesterday, with one slight tweak.

I think it was expected that we’d see the same eight players in the lineup, with there being a chance of AJ Pollock being added in replacement of Gavin Lux. We’ll likely see Pollock later in the game, but Lux in back in center field today after his miscue out there yesterday.

Roberts originally opted to keep both Turners in their respective positions, with Trea hitting third and Justin hitting fifth. It’s been a rough postseason for both players, as Trea is hitting .200 with an OPS of .450 this October while Justin is hitting .097 with an OPS of .394. Hopefully today is the day both of them get it going.

But with Braves starter Huascar Ynoa scratched and replaced on the roster, and left-hander Drew Smyly likely to pitch bulk innings in relief for Atlanta, the Dodgers moved Lux up to fifth and Justin Turner sixth, avoiding consecutive left-handed batters in the lineup.

For the first time this series, the Braves made some changes in their starting lineup. They still have the same eight, but the order changed.

Dodgers lineup

  1. Mookie Betts, RF
  2. Corey Seager, SS
  3. Trea Turner, 2B
  4. Will Smith, C
  5. Gavin Lux, CF
  6. Justin Turner, 3B
  7. Cody Bellinger, 1B
  8. Chris Taylor, LF
  9. Julio Urias, P

Braves lineup

  1. Dansby Swanson, SS
  2. Freddie Freeman, 1B
  3. Ozzie Albies, 2B
  4. Austin Riley, 3B
  5. Eddie Rosario, LF
  6. Adam Duvall, CF
  7. Joc Pederson, RF
  8. Travis d’Arnaud, C
  9. Jesse Chavez, P