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Dodgers news: Kenley Jansen’s sinker, Vin Scully on radio games, MLB starting pitchers

MLB’s first radio broadcast was in October 1921

Vin Scully Photo by: Gerald Smith/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

This postseason marks the 100-year anniversary of the first Major League Baseball game broadcast on radio, a milestone celebrated and profiled by Jared Diamond at the Wall Street Journal.

Among the interviews in the story is Vin Scully, who turns 94 in November and has almost quite literally seen it all in baseball. As a Dodgers announcer for 67 years, Scully called games on both radio and television. He explained the difference to Diamond:

“Radio means freedom,” Mr. Scully said. “You have the radio on and you can paint the garage. With television, it’s a commitment. Radio is your associate—you have it with you and you’re listening while you’re doing something else. Television, you’re saying, ‘You’re the boss. I can’t leave while you’re on.’”