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Dodgers lead MLB in attendance for eighth straight season

The Dodgers continue to draw the most fans in baseball

@Dodgers / Twitter

With another MLB season wrapped up, the Dodgers find themselves leading baseball in attendance yet again. Aside from the 2020 season in which fans weren’t allowed in the stands, Dodger Stadium has led baseball in attendance every season since 2013.

During the 2021 season, Dodger Stadium drew 2,804,693 fans, by far the most in baseball. The Atlanta Braves finished second, drawing 2,300,247 fans. The average for Dodger Stadium this season was 34,626, which is actually their lowest in quite some time. However, you have to take into account that a little less than half the season was played at limited capacity.

The Dodgers played 48 games at full capacity, as they made the switch in the middle of June. In the 48 games Dodger Stadium allowed full crowds, the Dodgers few 2,277,131 fans for an average of 47,440 per game.

That number would be the second highest average since 2009. The best in that time was in 2019, when Dodger Stadium averaged 49,066 fans per game.

In the 48 games with full capacity, the Dodgers had more than 50,000 fans in 16 of them, exactly one out of every three games. Not too bad.

Between having an amazing team, amazing giveaways and one of the best stadiums in all of baseball, it’s no surprise that Dodger Stadium continues to be the gold standard across Major League Baseball.