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A Dodgers fan’s rooting guide to the MLB postseason

Here’s a fun postseason guide for Dodgers fans as the playoffs begin today

Los Angeles Dodgers v. Washington Nationals Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

Here’s a fun playoff guide for Dodgers fans ahead of the 2021 MLB Postseason.

2021 Postseason bracket

Rooting Interest

If the Dodgers were to unfortunately get eliminated, who should we root for?

Would be fun to see win

Tampa Bay Rays

The Dodgers are quite familiar with the Rays, as they were their opponent in the 2020 World Series. Last year was the second time the franchise has reached the Fall Classic, but they have failed to win one yet.

It was be awesome to see them finally win their first, especially as one of the smaller markets in all of baseball. The way they put together a consistent winning team on a year-to-year basis is incredible and it would be great to see it finally pay off. With all the discussions of the team potentially moving to Canada, maybe winning the World Series can save baseball in Tampa?

Milwaukee Brewers

Another team looking to win their first World Series is the Brewers. They’ve been around since 1970 and have zero championships to their name. Their lone appearance in the World Series came all the way back in 1982.

So, it’s been a long time coming for their fans. As Dodgers fans, we know how painful the wait was just to make it back to the World Series, hopefully Brewers fans can experience that again.

Atlanta Braves

The Dodgers haven’t been too kind to the Braves in the postseason over the last decade, as they’ve eliminated them three times. Just think about all the incredible postseason moments that have happened against the Braves. Now, think about how painful it must have been on their end.

It’s been over 20 years since they appeared in the World Series and 26 years since they last won it. There’s an entirely new generation of Braves fans who haven’t gotten to see their team in the fall classic.

Chicago White Sox

The White Sox are a strange team. They’ve won six pennants and three World Series titles, but they’ve only been to the playoffs 11 times in their 121 season history. This is a very fun team they have this year that is filled with some very exciting players.

It’s not every year the White Sox are in the playoffs, so it’s fun seeing some new blood.

I guess, but I’d still rather have someone else win

St. Louis Cardinals

Well, if the Cardinals are still playing it means they eliminated the Dodgers. If that’s the case, WHEN WILL THE PAIN END?

St. Louis has knocked the Dodgers out of the playoffs more times than necessary, and it would be tough to even imagine having to root for them. But I guess depending on what your options are, they may be the best bet. Plus, there is something special about watching the Cardinals in October, I will give them that. Oh, and their uniforms are some of the best. Screw you Matt Adams.

Boston Red Sox

Just like with the Cardinals, the Red Sox aren’t our top choice. However, depending on the options, I’ll allow it. Boston defeated the Dodgers in the 2018 World Series, but that one doesn’t really have as rotten of a feeling as the other one. In fact, nowhere close. The Red Sox were just the better team that season.

I know people hate on the Red Sox and that’s totally okay. Just like with St. Louis, I have a soft spot for watching games at Fenway Park in October.

I would rather watch paint dry

Houston Astros

Nope. Not happening. No thanks. Next.

San Francisco Giants

Nope. Not happening. No thanks. Next.

New York Yankees

This one is a little different. For me, personally, as someone who wasn’t around for all those Dodgers/Yankees matchups in the 70’s and 80’s, I likely don’t have a hatred for the Yankees as some older Dodgers fans.

I know that people still dislike the Yankees for various reasons, and that is valid. But we won’t lump them in to the other two teams I mentioned above. I mean, if it is somehow Yankees/Giants in the World Series we gotta root for the Yankees? Right? It’s not the worst scenario in the world to have to root for the Yankees.

Longest World Series droughts

Milwaukee Brewers

Last World Series appearance: 1982

Last World Series win: Never

Atlanta Braves:

Last World Series appearance: 1999

Last World Series win: 1995

Chicago White Sox

Last World Series appearance: 2005

Last World Series win: 2005

New York Yankees:

Last World Series appearance: 2009

Last World Series win: 2009

St. Louis Cardinals:

Last World Series appearance: 2013

Last World Series win: 2011

San Francisco Giants:

Last World Series appearance: 2014

Last World Series win: 2014

Houston Astros:

Last World Series appearance: 2017

Last World Series win: Never

Boston Red Sox:

Last World Series appearance: 2018

Last World Series win: 2018

Tampa Bay Rays:

Last World Series appearance: 2020

Last World Series win: Never

Los Angeles Dodgers:

Last World Series appearance: 2020

Last World Series win: 2020

Former Dodgers in October

  • Yasmani Grandal (White Sox)
  • Joc Pederson (Braves)
  • Travis d’Arnaud (Braves)
  • Enrique Hernandez (Red Sox)
  • Alex Verdugo (Red Sox)
  • Nathan Eovaldi (Red Sox)
  • Jake McGee (Giants)
  • Alex Wood (Giants)
  • Zack Greinke (Astros)
  • Yimi Garcia (Astros)
  • Pedro Baez (Astros)
  • J.T. Chargois (Rays)
  • Brett Anderson (Brewers)