#SaveEli: One Last Time to the Journey's End

One last time

So you're Spider-Man now? You aren't going to make another Star Wars video are you? Is the Star Wars meme dead?

Memes never die and we don't need a title crawl as it's a bonus to the already-concluded trip.

Still blows me away that I did 30 games this season. Never done a playoff game in person before.

Just hanging out with Belli and Urias

Shut up - let's look at my date and me hanging out with Bellinger and Urias (virtually) on Fernando Bobblehead night.

Anyway, the Dodgers made it past the play-in game, and like I predicted I couldn't stay away.

Current Schedule:

October 9: Dodgers at Giants, Game 2, Urias v. Gausman. Section 101, Row 1, Seat 1, Dodgers 9, Giants 2.

Urias singles in the game

Urias singles in the game's first run

Selfie of MJE in his seat

My view of the action

My call of Bellinger's double

Mookie catching the last out of Game 2

Mookie Betts catching the last out of Game 2

Eric says #SaveEli

Eric says #SaveEli

Vesia with his family after the game

Vesia with his family after the game

October 14: Dodgers at Giants, if necessary. (probable, hopefully not needed and not yet confirmed.)

October 23: Never mind - the Dodgers season is over. Everything is cancelled and I'll work on the post-mortem as previously planned.

October 30: Travel to Boston/Houston. Game 4, Dodgers at Red Sox/Astros (probable, not confirmed)

October 31: Game 5, if necessary. Dodgers at Red Sox/Astros (probable, not confirmed)

November 1: Fly to Los Angeles

November 2: Game 6, if necessary. Red Sox/Astros at Dodgers (confirmed)

November 3: Game 7, if necessary: Red Sox/Astros at Dodgers (confirmed)

November 4: Return to San Mateo - the season is over.

Future Rounds in LA? - Maybe. If the Dodgers advance to the World Series, I may make one final visit to Los Angeles, but that would require an invitation. My current plan is to stay put for now.

But we'll see.


I will also do a post-mortem of #SaveEli in this post and do a deep dive for my favorite photos and videos of the past year once the tournament concludes. I'll also share photos of what I collected/bought over the year. Admittedly, I might have gone a little bobblehead mad on eBay. Until then, I'll let Kevin and I wrap this entry up.

Kevin and me

Meet Kevin, MLB's best usher as far as I'm concerned. We discuss life, Pittsburgh and he gave me a game used baseball after the Hayes forgot to touch first base game.

Until the next time, that it's time for Dodgers baseball!

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