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SB Nation NLDS preview podcast: Dodgers vs. Giants

Back and forth with Brady Klopfer of McCovey Chronicles

MLB: NLDS-Workouts D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

With the mighty 107-win Giants facing the 106-win Dodgers in a clash of titans, I got together with Brady Klopfer of McCovey Chronicles to preview the highly-anticipated National League Division Series for SB Nation.

Brady and I talked about watching the NL wild card game, albeit with different levels of vested interest. But mostly this was about an appreciation of two excellent teams and two rivals looking forward to a very rare postseason matchup.

Both teams are missing their first baseman who led the squad with a career high in home runs, with Max Muncy and Brandon Belt out for the series. But each team has excellent depth to at least mitigate the damage.

San Francisco has the advantage, hosting the first two games, but this figures to be a fantastic NLDS matchup.

If you subscribe to the True Blue LA podcast, this should already be in your feed. Or you can listen here.

NLDS preview podcast

Time: 31:21

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