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Dodgers history in Games 1 of best-of-5 series

The 2021 NLDS is the 21st best-of-five series in franchise history

MLB: NLDS-Workouts D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not quite the urgency of a wild card game, since there is more time to breathe in a five-game series. But Game 1 is still of paramount importance, as we head into the opener of a Dodgers-Giants NLDS.

The Dodgers in their history have played 20 best-of-five series in their history, including each of the last eight years in the Division Series. The Game 1 result has matched the series result 17 times for the Dodgers, including in 15 of the last 16 such series.

Dodgers best-of-five series

Year Series Opponent Game 1 location Game 1 result Series result
Year Series Opponent Game 1 location Game 1 result Series result
2020 NLDS Padres "Home" Win Win, 3-0
2019 NLDS Nationals Home Win Loss, 3-2
2018 NLDS Braves Home Win Win, 3-1
2017 NLDS D-backs Home Win Win, 3-0
2016 NLDS Nationals Road Win Win, 3-2
2015 NLDS Mets Home Loss Loss, 3-2
2014 NLDS Cardinals Home Loss Loss, 3-1
2013 NLDS Braves Road Win Win, 3-1
2009 NLDS Cardinals Home Win Win, 3-0
2008 NLDS Cubs Road Win Win, 3-0
2006 NLDS Mets Road Loss Loss, 3-0
2004 NLDS Cardinals Road Loss Loss, 3-1
1996 NLDS Braves Home Loss Loss, 3-0
1995 NLDS Reds Home Loss Loss, 3-0
1983 NLCS Phillies Home Loss Loss, 3-1
1981 NLCS Expos Home Win Win, 3-2
1981 NLDS Astros Road Loss Win, 3-2
1978 NLCS Phillies Road Win Win, 3-1
1977 NLCS Phillies Home Loss Win, 3-1
1974 NLCS Pirates Road Win Win, 3-1

The only series that strayed from the Game 1 result was the 2019 NLDS, when the 106-win Dodgers won Game 1 over the Nationals, but dropped the series in five games.

When the Dodgers win Game 1 on the road in a best-of-five series, they are 5-0 in those series.

When they win any best-of-five Game 1, they are 10-1 in the series. LA’s last Game 1 loss in a short series was in the 2015 NLDS against the Mets, a series won by New York in five games.

The Dodgers have lost Game 1 of a best-of-five nine times. They are 2-7 in those series, losing the last seven after wins in the 1977 NLCS against the Phillies and 1981 NLDS against the Astros. That 1981 series against the Astros was the last time the Dodgers lost the opener of a best-of-five on the road but won the series.