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Where True Blue LA readers think Dodgers free agents will sign

Finding 2022 homes for Seager, Kershaw, Jansen, Taylor, Scherzer & more

MLB: Washington Nationals at Los Angeles Dodgers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of the offseason, we asked True Blue LA readers to guess destinations for eight Dodgers free agents, and you answered the call. Between the comments section on the site and replies on Twitter, we got 47 responses. Here are the results.

The most common selection is Clayton Kershaw returning to the only professional team he’s ever known, with 40 out of 47 (85 percent) predicting he’ll re-sign with the Dodgers. Four who said Kershaw would sign elsewhere picked his hometown Rangers, with the Astros, Angels, and Yankees getting one each.

Among our group, the next-most common prediction was shortstop Corey Seager joining the Yankees, with 31 (66 percent) votes for New York. Only eight of 47 (17 percent) think Seager will return to the Dodgers. Other teams to receive more than one vote are the Nationals (three votes) and Cubs (two).

Three-quarters of you think Max Scherzer will remain in southern California, though 18 picked the pitching-starved Angels as his next destination, compared to 17 votes for the Dodgers.

Albert Pujols joining the Cardinals for one last hurrah is a popular choice, with 29 of 47 respondents (61.7 percent) picking St. Louis. Eight people (17 percent) picked the Dodgers as Pujols’ next MLB hug recipients, while four (8.5 percent) said he’d either retire or go unsigned.

Just over half of you (25 of 47, 53.2 percent) predicted both Chris Taylor and Corey Knebel would return to the Dodgers. Kenley Jansen was right behind, with 23 votes (49 percent) to stay with Los Angeles. You chose 13 different teams for Jansen, with the Angels and Marlins getting four votes each, and the Giants and Phillies each getting three votes.

People were all over the place on Joe Kelly. Eleven picked the Dodgers, nine said the Angels. Others included the Cardinals (five votes), Giants (four), Phillies (three), and Red Sox (three).

True Blue LA Dodgers free agent crowdsource picks

Player Most-picked team 2nd-most votes Other teams with 2+ votes
Player Most-picked team 2nd-most votes Other teams with 2+ votes
Corey Seager Yankees (66%) Dodgers (17%) Nationals (3), Cubs (2)
Clayton Kershaw Dodgers (85.1%) Rangers (8.5%) none
Kenley Jansen Dodgers (48.9%) Angels/Marlins (8.5%) SF (3), Phi (3), NYM (2), ChC (2)
Chris Taylor Dodgers (53.2%) Giants (10.6%) Sea (4), Phi (3), Was (3)
Max Scherzer Angels (38.3%) Dodgers (36.2%) Cardinals (3), Red Sox (3)
Albert Pujols Cardinals (61.7%) Dodgers (17%) retired (4), White Sox (2)
Corey Knebel Dodgers (53.2%) Giants (8.5%) CWS (2), NYM (2), SD (2), Tor (2)
Joe Kelly Dodgers (23.4%) Angels (19.1%) StL (5), SF (4), Bos (3), Phi (3), SD (2), Atl (2)