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Chris Woodward has talked with Clayton Kershaw about joining Rangers

The former Dodgers coach spoke about Clayton Kershaw

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Keith Birmingham

Although he’s not the biggest name on the free agent market this offseason, there’s no name that holds more value to the Dodgers than Clayton Kershaw.

After spending his entire Hall-of-Fame career in Dodger blue, the veteran lefty is currently a free agent. It’s likely that Kershaw returns to Los Angeles on a brand new contract, but there is certainly a possibility that he signs with the Texas Rangers.

Kershaw is from Texas and there has been speculation for years that he would eventually wind up there before calling it a career.

On Monday, Rangers manager Chris Woodward joined High Heat on MLB Network, where he spoke about the latest news surrounding his club and Kershaw.

I know we’ve been in contact. Kershaw and I are really good friends. We believe in the same things as far as how to play the game and prepare. I’ve been honored to be around him. If he wants to come back to Texas, we’re going to welcome him there. It’s home for him. I know he’d love to take his kids to school and pitch a game that night. He’s had a tremendous legacy. I cant speak enough about the man himself. He’d be a tremendous asset to us, especially with a young rotation. We have a ton of talent on the starting staff bu they’re all young. his leadership and guidance. He wouldn’t have to say a word. I’d have to ask those guys to watch him prepare and they’re going to naturally get better.

Woodward and Kershaw certainly have history, as Woodward was the Dodgers’ third base coach for three seasons before becoming the manager of the Rangers.