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Clayton Kershaw has no intentions of retiring at end of 2021 season

He has a few more years left in the tank

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago White Sox

Clayton Kershaw wants to keep pitching beyond 2021. Will that be with the Dodgers? That’s a question we won’t know the answer too for some time.

When speaking with reporters via Zoom on Sunday afternoon, Kershaw cleared the air that he wasn’t going to retire following the 2021 season. Earlier in the month there was an article in the LA Times where Kershaw discussed the uncertainty of playing beyond next season as he’ll be a free-agent. Although he didn’t directly say “I’m going to retire”, there were parts where he talks about being at ease after winning it all and wanting to spend more time with his family that could have led people to believe he’d be willing to retire.

However, he put that rumor to rest.

“The I don’t know part was not about playing,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, I’m continuing to play and feel great doing it. Im on a year to year basis. I want to re-evaluate and see how we’re doing. Just make a decision from there. I have no intentions of hanging them up. I’m only 32. I feel like I got a few more years left in the tank. I really still love playing.”

This offseason, Kershaw will be a free-agent. However, he’ll be 34 years old on Opening Day in 2022. There’s no question the Dodgers would love to have him back, but at what cost? The Dodgers have been spending money as of late, and will likely be trying to work out a contract with Corey Seager. There’s no question that the Dodgers can afford to bring back Kershaw, but it’s unclear as to what both sides would want to agree upon.

“I’m excited for this year,” Kershaw said. “I’m focused on this year and trying to win a World Series. After this year we’ll figure things out. I love being here. I love the Dodgers. I love everything about this organization. I really have enjoyed my time here and will continue to do so.”