25 For 25: Brooklyn Robins/Dodgers 1920-1944

I am back with another set of 25 For 25 teams, this time for the years 1920-1944. This is the fourth set that I have published this cycle, starting with 1995-2019 and continuing through 1970-1994 & 1945-1969 (I will post squads for 1895-1919 after I get done with these); if you are interested in those, you can view them here.

Basically the same rules as before: 25 players, 25 seasons, one player from each season, no more or less; each player can be chosen for a team once (not multiple times in a single era or multiple eras as listed above); the player will be chosen at the position that he played the most that season (outfielders use combined outfield games; starting pitchers have as many or more starts as relief appearances); two players each for C/1B/2B/3B/SS, six outfielders, six starters, & three relievers (pitcher distribution is a departure from later eras (5S/4R), as it was less common for staffs to have multiple (or even one) dedicated relievers and pitchers were moved to the rotation quickly when they showed signs of quality). I use Fangraphs' fWAR and Baseball-Reference's bWAR & Win-Loss% w/avg team (waaWL%, basically bWAR as a rate stat, centered around a .500 W%). I have included pitcher's hitting WAR contributions if they are positive; I also included rate, counting stats, & accolades where appropriate. Finally, I added in a quick blurb about the player, whether it is biographical information, historical context, or just a fun fact.

As is the nature of these lists, I will not be able to take all of the best players/seasons, there is no intention to denote one player at a position as the "starter" & the other as the "backup", and I am going to stick to the rules & see where the numbers take me. Sometimes I will have to choose between two worthy options & have to make do with the next best for the "loser"; sometimes I will have to take a lesser season out of need instead of a better one; sometimes I will be stuck with a "bad" year because all the good ones were ruled out.

I hope you have a chance to look over this list (and the others to come), learn something about your team's history, and maybe challenge me on my picks. I look forward to hearing from you. [NOTE: For those players with names in bold, the links are to the SABR Biography Project. Please visit the site and read up on these players.]


1920 - Burleigh Grimes SP - 40 G/33 GS/303.2 IP, 6.4* fWAR/8.5* bWAR, .612 waaWL%, 23-11 W-L, 2/3 SvOpp, 2.22 ERA/2.80 FIP, 2.0 BB/9, HOF *(including batting) (one of 17 pitchers granted a lifetime exception in 1920 to the ban of the spitball)

1921 - Jimmy Johnston 3B - 152 G/689 PA, 4.0 fWAR/3.5 bWAR, .510 waaWL%, .325/.372/.460, 41 2B/14 3B/28 SB, 104 R/203 H (holds the ML record for consecutive games (6) with 3+ hits, tied with HOFers Sam Thompson & George Brett)

1922 - Dutch Ruether SP - 35 GS/267.1 IP, 3.7* fWAR/5.2* bWAR, .572 waaWL%, 21-12 W-L, 3.53 ERA/3.98 FIP *(including batting) (one of three pitchers to start a World Series game & hit a triple, along with Cy Young & Babe Ruth; Ruether hit two in that game)

1923 - Jack Fournier 1B - 133 G/578 PA, 5.8 fWAR/5.6 bWAR, .529 waaWL%, .351/.411/.588, 13 3B/22 HR, 91 R/102 RBI/181 H (his early years were marked with inconsistency & poor fielding, but starting at 30yo, he had three good seasons w/STL & four great ones w/BRO)

1924 - Dazzy Vance SP - 35 G/34 GS/308.1 IP, 8.0 fWAR/10.5 bWAR, .729 waaWL%, 28-6 W-L, 0/1 SvOpp, 2.16 ERA/2.64 FIP, 3.40 K/BB, Most Valuable Player, HOF (probably the most famous late resurgence, he entered his age-31 season with no career wins & finished with 197)

1925 - Milt Stock 2B - 146 G/662 PA, 2.5 fWAR/2.5 bWAR, .504 waaWL%, .328/.368/.408, 98 R (in his final full season, he set a ML record with four hits in four consecutive games)

1926 - Jesse Petty SP - 38 G/33 GS/275.2 IP, 3.9 fWAR/5.4 bWAR, .582 waaWL%, 17-17 W-L, 1/2 SvOpp, 2.84 ERA/3.50 FIP (he managed to lead the NL in losses that year despite also leading in fewest H/9)

1927 - Rube Ehrhardt RP - 46 G/3 GS/95.2 IP, 0.1* fWAR/1.2* bWAR, .507 waaWL%, 3-7 W-L, 2/4 SvOpp, 1 Hold, 3.57 ERA/4.23 FIP *(including batting) (one of a few pitchers to throw a shutout in his final ML game)

1928 - Harvey Hendrick 3B - 126 G/493 PA, 3.9 fWAR/3.5 bWAR, .515 waaWL%, .318/.397/.478, 10 3B (he finished Top-10 in AVG & SLG in 1929)

1929 - Johnny Frederick OF - 148 G/682 PA, 4.0 fWAR/3.7 bWAR, .512 waaWL%, .328/.372/.545, 52 2B/24 HR, 127 R/206 H, 20th-MVP (the 52 doubles are the ML record for a rookie; he also set the ML record with 6 PH home runs in 1932, later passed by Dave Hansen & Craig Wilson)

1930 - Babe Herman OF - 153 G / 699 PA, 7.7 fWAR/6.9 bWAR, .532 waaWL%, .393/.455/.678, 48 2B/11 3B/35 HR, 143 R/130 RBI/241 H (he was infamous for doubling into a double play, leading to the old joke about the Robins - saying they had three runners on base, a fan's response would be, "Which base?")

1931 - Watty Clark SP - 34 G/28 GS/233.1 IP, 4.9* fWAR/6.3* bWAR, .615 waaWL%, 14-10 W-L, 1/1 SvOpp, 3.20 ERA/3.19 FIP, 2.0 BB/9, 20th-MVP *(including batting) (he led the majors in HR/9 with only 0.2)

1932 - Lefty O'Doul OF - 148 G/657 PA, 6.6 fWAR/6.3 bWAR, ..529 waaWL%, 368/.423/.555, 21 HR, 120 R/90 RBI/219 H, 3rd-MVP (starting his professional career as a pitcher and not beginning his ML career as an outfielder until age-31, he won two batting titles; he also was the first American elected to the Japanese Baseball Hall Of Fame)

1933 - Al Lopez C - 126 G/403 PA, 2.4 fWAR/2.4 bWAR, .509 waaWL%, .301/.338/.376, 10th-MVP, HOF (rated as a below-average player for his career by BR, he nonetheless received MVP votes in eight different seasons)

1934 - Len Koenecke OF - 123 G/536 PA, 5.0 fWAR/5.0 bWAR, .527 waaWL%, .320/.411/.509 (had a completely star-crossed career/life - he was purchased by the GIants for $75K but was considered a dud, played brilliantly for the Dodgers as a 30yo "rookie", but was killed after the next season as he attempted to commandeer a plane in mid-flight)

1935 - Lonny Frey SS - 131 G/588 PA, 3.4 fWAR/3.3 bWAR, .512 waaWL%, .262/.352/.437, 35 2B/11 3B (a solid hitter his entire career, he was miscast early as a shortstop with BKN & CHC, then became a brilliant defender at 2B with the Reds)

1936 - Van Mungo SP - 45 G/37 GS/311.2 IP, 6.9 fWAR/6.6 bWAR, .586 waaWL%, 18-19 W-L, 3/4 SvOpp, 3.35 ERA/3.24 FIP, All-Star, 14th-MVP (the 3.24 ERA may not seem super impressive, but it led the majors; he also led MLB with 238 K's & 6.9 K/9)

1937 - Babe Phelps C - 121 G/442 PA, 2.6 fWAR/3.1 bWAR, .514 waaWL%, .313/.357/.469, 37 2B (his .367 AVG in 1936 is the highest ever qualifying average for a catcher, though only 349 PA)

1938 - Tot Pressnell RP - 43 G/19 GS/192 IP, 1.9 fWAR/3.4 bWAR, .538 waaWL%, 11-14 W-L, 4/6 SvOpp, 3.56 ERA/4.08 FIP (made his ML debut at 31yo, defeating the Phillies with a 9-0 shutout)

1939 - Dolph Camilli 1B - 157 G/684 PA, 6.5 fWAR/6.4 bWAR, .526 waaWL%, .290/.409/.524, 12 2B/26 HR, 105 R/104 RBI/110 BB, 12 Rfield, All-Star, 12th-MVP (Dolph's brother was Frankie Campbell, who was killed by boxer Max Baer in the ring in August 1930)

1940 - Vito Tamulis RP - 41 G/12 GS/154.1 IP, 2.6 fWAR/4.0 bWAR, .564 waaWL%, 8-5 W-L, 2/2 SvOpp, 3.09 ERA/3.26 FIP (he was 18-6 as part of the 1937 Newark Bears, considered by some to be the best minor league team of all time)

1941 - Pete Reiser OF - 137 G/601 PA, 7.5 fWAR/8.0 bWAR, .544 waaWL%, .343/.406/.558, 39 2B/17 3B, 117 R/184 H, 10 Rfield, All-Star, 2nd-MVP (one of the most famous What If stories for his 1942 collision at Sportsman's Park, he also suffered a nasty injury while playing for an Army team during WW2, crashing through a hedge fence and down a ten-foot drainage ditch behind it)

1942 - Billy Herman 2B - 155 G/647 PA, 3.0 fWAR/3.2 bWAR, .507 waaWL%, .256/.339/.333, 5 Rfield, All-Star, HOF (he was selected to 10 consecutive All-Star Games, six times as a starter)

1943 - Arky Vaughan SS - 149 G/685 PA, 5.0 fWAR/5.3 bWAR, .523 waaWL%, .305/.370/.413, 39 2B/20 SB, 112 R/186 H, 15th-MVP, HOF (one of the greatest shortstops of all time, his career would have been more impressive had he not left the game for three years after his age-31 season, basically in protest of Durocher's handling of the team)

1944 - Dixie Walker OF - 147 G/611 PA, 5.8 fWAR/5.8 bWAR, .527 waaWL%, .357/.434/.529, 37 2B, 91 RBI/191 H, All-Star, 3rd-MVP (he & his brother Harry are the only pair of siblings to each win a batting title; he was also the only player to be teammates with Babe Ruth & Jackie Robinson)


C - Al Lopez 1933, Babe Phelps 1937

1B - Jack Fournier 1923, Dolph Camilli 1939

2B - Milt Stock 1925, Billy Herman 1942

3B - Jimmy Johnston 1921, Harvey Hendrick 1928

SS - Lonny Frey 1935, Arky Vaughan 1943

OF - Johnny Frederick 1929, Babe Herman 1930, Lefty O'Doul 1932, Len Koenecke 1934, Pete Reiser 1941, Dixie Walker 1944

SP - Burleigh Grimes 1920, Dutch Ruether 1922, Dazzy Vance 1924, Jesse Petty 1926, Watty Clark 1931, Van Mungo 1936

RP - Rube Ehrhardt 1927, Tot Pressnell 1938, Vito Tamulis 1940

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