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RUMOR: Dodgers are finalist to sign Trevor Bauer

He’s reportedly choosing between the Dodgers and Mets

Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds - Game Two Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The saga is almost over.

After a hectic and wild offseason, it appears Trevor Bauer is nearing his decision. The biggest pitcher left on the market is rumored to be choosing between two teams, the Mets and Dodgers.

His agent tweeted this earlier.

Of course, these are all just rumors until he signs. Nobody knows what the offers he has received are, and nobody knows what Bauer is truly looking for. If I were to guess, he’ll (most likely) be receiving more money and years if he were to go to New York. If he were to go to the Dodgers, my guess is it will be for no more than two years. Maybe a one-year deal that will set the AAV record.

Bauer is a local kid, as he was born and raised in Los Angeles and attended UCLA for college. Coming back home seems like it would be at the top of his list, but it’s unclear as to how much of a home discount he’d be willing to take.

It looks like his decision could come either today or tomorrow, so get ready.


This is reportedly the Mets’ offer to Bauer.