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Dodgers hire Dontrelle Willis as special assistant

The former Rookie of the Year joins LA’s player development staff

Twitter: DTrainMLB

When I was younger, I remember wishing for a way that Dontrelle Willis could become a Dodger. Well, all these years later, I finally got my wish... sort of.

On Sunday night, the former National League Rookie of the Year posted on Twitter this photo.

Based on the caption, you almost thought as if Willis was attempting a Major League comeback with the Dodgers. Those thoughts lasted about five minutes, as he tweeted out shortly after saying that he’d be a special assistant.... even though he doesn’t know what that means. Per Jorge Castillo of the LA Times, Willis’ official title with the team will be special assistant in player development.

Willis won the National League Rookie of the Year back in 2003 and finished second in Cy Young Award voting in 2005. He had a great start to his career with the Marlins, but his career quickly declined and he was out of the league before turning 30. He’s spent the last few seasons working with FOX Sports as part of their MLB coverage.