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True Blue LA podcast episode 2107: The mailbag episode

Answering your Dodgers questions

David Weissberg Putting Letters into a Mailbag Photo by George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images

It’s time to answer questions this week on the podcast, and talk a lot about potato chips.

Please send all of your questions to, or tweet us at @ericstephen or @jacobburch. Thanks as always to producer Brian Salvatore for all of his excellent work.

Dodgers rewind

I always enjoyed the two-photo front of 1984 (and 1983) Topps baseball card, like this Steve Yeager card, No. 661 in the ‘84 set.

Steve Yeager was a Dodgers catcher for 14 seasons, was a co-World Series MVP in 1981, started 20 World Series games, posed in Playgirl, helped invent a catcher’s throat guard, was called by Tommy Lasorda as the best defensive catcher he ever managed, and was third base coach Duke Tempe in the movie ‘Major League.’

Yeager, who ranks third all-time in games caught in Dodgers history, also managed in the Dodgers minors and coached catchers in the organization for a number of years.

He also stole home once, a game in which Yeager also homered.

Read more on Yeager at his SABR bio.

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