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Dodgers notes: Clayton Kershaw playing football, Will Smith framing, Mario Lopez

Some extra Dodgers news this morning

Tyra Banks, Jamie Kennedy and Clayton Kershaw On “Extra” Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

With quarterback Matthew Stafford now in Los Angeles with the Rams, we’re sure to get more tales of his childhood sports exploits with friend Clayton Kershaw in Texas.

Gary Klein at the Los Angeles Times wrote about Kershaw’s football-playing days, including this wonderful anecdote of high school:

Shortly after Kershaw’s only high school football season, Dailey said he was standing in the hallway when the left-hander approached him and said he was thinking about leaving the trenches behind to focus on baseball.

“And being a Texas high school football coach, where football is king,” Dailey recalled, laughing heartily, “I said, ‘Clayton, if you do that, that will be the worst decision you ever make in your life.’”

Turned out decently for Kershaw, it seems.