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Trevor Bauer was the Dodgers’ MVP on Saturday

If you need something to brighten up your day... this is it

Twitter: @MeganAronson

Sure, performance on the field matters. However, sometimes there is more to the game than numbers. Although he didn’t have a fantastic outing on Saturday, Trevor Bauer was still the Most Valuable Player on the field.

Prior to the game, Bauer met with 11-year-old Kanon. A few weeks ago, his mother Megan posted this to Twitter, saying that her son has been bullied so bad they’ve had to switch schools multiple times.

The Dodgers and Bauer heard of the story, and Kanon was Bauer’s guest on Saturday. Prior to the game, Bauer bet with Kanon and his family and took some photos. Bauer made Kanon a personalized No. 27 Dodgers jersey with his name on it. On the jersey, Bauer wrote “It’s cool to be different. Keep being you!”

Following his outing, Bauer was asked about his interaction with Kanon. Here’s what he had to say:

He’s had a rough year in school getting bullied. That’s a story I can identify with because that was my entire childhood. I got bullied mercilessly nonstop by kids at school. I hated going to school. I was miserable for 17 years of my life. Wanted to give him some hope that things get better.... Hopefully it makes a positive impact.

Sometimes, there are things far more important than baseball. Well done, Trevor.