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The strangest play you’ll see in baseball today

Cody Bellinger hits a home run, but is called out

In the history books it might not say his name, but Cody Bellinger hit the first home run of the 2021 season for the Dodgers. However, it won’t go down as that.

Bellinger hit a two-run home run. The ball went over the fence. The Dodgers should have scored two runs. Here’s what went wrong....

Confused as to whether or not the ball went over the fence, Justin Turner ran back to first base. Bellinger, confused as to what was happening as well, passed Turner on the bases, resulting in confusion across the board.

Because of this, Bellinger is credited with a single, but is called out. Turner scores the run. So there is no official home run.

Don’t worry. I am just as confused as you are.

For those curious, here is the official rule.

Rule 5.09 - A runner may be deemed to have passed a preceding (i.e., lead) runner based on his actions or the actions of a preceding runner.

PLAY—Runners on second base and third base with one out. The runner from third base (i.e., the lead runner) makes an advance toward home and is caught in a rundown between third base and home plate. Believing the lead runner will be tagged out, the runner at second base (i.e., the trailing runner) advances to third base. Before being tagged, the lead runner runs back to and beyond third base toward left field. At this time, the trailing runner has passed the lead runner as a result of the lead runner’s actions. As a result, the trailing runner is out and third base is unoccupied. The lead runner is entitled to third base if he returns to touch it before he is out, see Rule 5.06(a)(1), unless he is declared out for abandoning the bases.

I guess they’re right. You have the chance to see something new at the ballpark every day.