Dodgers 'Murderers' Row'; 2021 projected offensive statistics

While the Dodgers 2021 pitching arsenal has been much hyped this year, the real strength of this team is the offensive firepower. Most players are near the peak of their career, and the collective strength of the offense will be contagious, and be the force which carries this team, regardless of whether the pitching lives up to expectations or is somewhat disappointing as it was in spring training.

Expect career years from most Dodger players offensively, which means this team will offensively rival. If not surpass, the Yankees 'Murderers' Row' teams of the 1920's. I'm only focusing on the basic statistics but by the end of the season expect the batting lineup to be similar to this order:

Player B.A. HR RBI

Mookie Betts .331 35 106

Gavin Lux .327 27 118

Corey Seager .341 36 136

Cody Bellinger .315 51 145

Max Muncy .258 41 137

Justin Turner .292 30 107

Chris Taylor .326 19 77

Will Smith .287 26 87

Austin Barnes .244 8 40

DJ Peters .277 17 57

AJ Pollack .277 14 68

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