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I'm a man of my word. The Dodgers lost all eight; I changed the title to reference Ferris Bueller.

Honestly, knowing what I know now, someone asked would you still have gone? The answer is obvious: yes.

I have stated that the Dodgers' play as of late, was the fly in the ointment of my trip. The fact remains that I visited four cities and saw eight Dodger games over a two week period. I also was scouting the Midwest as a potential relocation spot for when my time is up in the Bay Area. I had never been to Milwaukee, Chicago or the Big A. It was nice to return to Los Angeles if only for a couple of days.

As an aside, I have found that travel broadens the mind and softens the heart. This tenet remains true now as it has even been. Although I was actually harassed on the L train in Chicago and in the stands of the Big A. Considering my size and how I carry myself this development was unexpected and unwelcome, but I am train to descalate most conflicts, so I wasn't too worried.

Socially distanced baseball though, while better than fanless baseball, is a poor imitation for the real thing. That's not to say that I don't take COVID-19 seriously. I do. It nearly killed my mother, but thankfully she survived. Part of the joy of baseball is either going in a group (which wasn't possible in my case for reasons described before the trip) or by bantering with the folks around you. When people are socially distanced from you, this task is infinitely harder. It's very simple: get your shots, and mask up. Then you get your life back. Until the stands are fully full, we still have work to do.

Folks at Dodgers Stadium took it the most seriously, then Chicago, then Milwaukee, then the Big A (which was to say, not at all).

Honestly, I'm more annoyed that @Spectrum and @Joe Davis did not respond to my repeated tags regarding the trip than I am to any specific result on the field. But that's just my ego talking. Considering that someone was following the Dodgers from town to town in an age where the team announcers are calling the guys from Dodger Stadium seemed like a big deal or at least worth discussing. I guess that my trip didn't capture the imagination the same way that stalking someone at a D-Backs game did. But on the grand scale, the trip was vastly more positive than negative. If anyone wants to discuss it, I'm happy to at any time.

In any event, I plan to repeat this process in September; whether there will be meaningful baseball for the Dodgers is anyone's guess at this point.

In the mean time though, I plan to go a Dodgers-Giants game in San Francisco in a couple of weeks. As of now, I'll probably take a step back from commenting in game threads and see how things go from there.

Thanks for coming along with me. My mood is considerably brighter now.

Until it's time for Dodgers Baseball again, I'll still be here.



I originally posted this itinerary in the comments of the post: The Dodgers Have a Non-Socially Distanced Section Now. I now copy the post here for ease of use in the coming weeks.

(One point of note, my given name is Michael, but I go by Eli here and a couple of other non-relevant places)


Eli's Dodger Plans to cure his doldrums

So I kept getting LAT’d while writing this post up for those who are interested (usually just CtB, Dave and Steve), then I would get annoyed, then I would get annoyed that I’m getting annoyed, and in typical me-fashion, I wander off and do something else. And the cycle repeats.

So I’ve been fully vaccinated since early March and I was supposed go on a baseball trip last year with my now-ex where we visited various major league parks, including Dodger Stadium when the Twins were in town, because we’re both avid fans of our respective teams and we had never been to PetCo or Angels Stadium and she had never been to My Blue Heaven.

Needless to say, that trip did not happen. I made my peace with that.

So in typical me-fashion, whenever I need to pick myself up from my doldrums from life and work, I hit the road. I’ve worked non-stop for 15 months. It’s time.

Because I've been asked, prior to this trip I've been to:

Dodger Stadium (1988, 2001, 2009, 2013, 2017)

Oakland Coliseum (2018, 2019, 2021)

ATT Park / Oracle Park / Whatever the Hell they call it Park (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Nationals Park (2015)

Citi Field (2015)

For those who are interested, here is my itinerary. I am traveling alone, apart from a stuffed animal that my sister made for me. For a primer, click here.

4/26/21 – Arrive in Los Angeles, Bonus Day - Reds at Dodgers (Reds 5, Dodgers 3, F/10) (Photos from 4/26)

4/27/21 – Reds at Dodgers (Reds 6, Dodgers 5) (Media from 4/27)

4/28/21 - Travel Day - fly to Chicago, drive to Milwaukee

4/29/21 – Dodgers at Brewers (Brewers 2, Dodgers 1) (Media from 4/29) (Food Media from 4/29)

4/30/21 - Off Day - Drive around Wisconsin for Burgers, Fun and Profit??? (Part 1 - The Burger that Time Forgot) (Part 2 - The fancy burger...also liquor) (Part 3 - Arguably the best burger of the day came from a bar, of all places)

5/1/21 – Dodgers at Brewers (Brewers 6, Dodgers 5, F/11) (Media from 5/1)

5/2/21 - Travel Day - drive to Chicago, settle into AirBnB

5/3/21 – Dodgers at Cubs (postponed) (Media from 5/3)

5/4/21 – Dodgers at Cubs (Cubs 7, Dodgers 1) (Media from Game 1); Dodgers at Cubs (Cubs 4, Dodgers 3, F/9) (Media from Game 2)

5/5/21 - Bonus Day - Dodgers at Cubs (Cubs 6, Dodgers 5, F/11) (Media from 5/5)

5/6/21 - Travel Day - Fly to Anaheim

5/7/21 – Dodgers at Angels (Angels 9, Dodgers 2) (Media from 5/7)

5/8/21 – Trip Over, Return to Oakland

I haven’t been to Los Angeles since the regular-season finale in 2017 and I’ve never been to Miller Park, er American Family Field (barf), Wrigley Field, or Angels Stadium.

So, I’m getting this adventure out of my system. I’ll probably do another outing for the final road trip of the year: Cincinnati, Denver, Phoenix, and see a Padres/Dodgers game in LA. But that’s just looking ahead.

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