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Edwin Rios opens up about season-ending surgery

There’s a reason he was struggling at the plate

Cincinnati Reds v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Last week, the Dodgers announced that Edwin Rios would be undergoing season-ending shoulder surgery. The team said that he had a partially torn labrum.

Rios had been struggling at the plate all season, so the fact his shoulder was bothering him makes a little more sense as to why he looked like a different hitter.

“It just wasn’t getting better,” Rios said in regards to his shoulder. “When we took a look at it, it was worse than we thought and the doctor said I need surgery.”

Rios said he believed it was just another injury and the pain would subside. He was constantly getting treatment on it, but the pain just wouldn’t go away.

“It’s sad,” he said when asked about his reaction to the news. “Me and my wife were not too happy because obviously I want to be out there. Missing the year is frustrating. We’re going to rehab this thing and I’ll be back stronger.”

On the season, Rios was hitting .078. He was in the middle of a stretch in which he was 1-for-40 at the plate and had gone 32 straight at bats without a hit. Knowing now that he was swinging with a messed up shoulder, you can put two and two together for it to make sense.

“A large majority of his struggle is related to the injury,” manager Dave Roberts said. “As I look back and see the swing didn’t look right, I wish he would have come forward a little earlier. As a player, you don’t know at what point you can play through it.”

Rios said the plan is for him to go to Arizona following the surgery and rehab and try and get back to 100 percent for the start of next season.

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