#SaveEli: Eli Strikes Back

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#BlameEli! The hashtag rings out from TrueBlueLA upon ELIDELAJANDRO and ADRIC THE ADIPOSE's return from their adventures following THE LOS ANGELES DODGERS.

The team continues to defend their 2020 World Championship. ELI and ADRIC followed the DODGERS to LOS ANGELES, MILWAUKEE, CHICAGO, and ANAHEIM over two weeks where the team only won five out of twenty games.

ELI is chagrined after seeing nothing but defeat. However, the trip lifted ELI's spirits. While ELI was adventuring, his fortune dramatically improved as he was offered and accepted a new role at a new firm in his day job as a solicitor.

To celebrate his change of fate, ELI and ADRIC continue to follow the DODGERS to the far-off locales of ATLANTA, PITTSBURGH, PHOENIX, MIAMI, and DENVER as their pilgrimage continues through the months of June and July. ELI's work on the TrueBlueLA travelogue expands beyond his wildest dreams.

However, before ELI returns to the road, he must venture forth and bear witness to the eternal grudge match between the DODGERS and their mortal rivals, THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS, in SAN FRANCISCO....

If you didn’t click the Title Crawl, seriously click the Title Crawl, as I put a lot of effort into that.

Due to a recent job change, I am making way more money in a much less stressful attorney role.

To celebrate, I’m going to Atlanta and Pittsburgh before I start the new gig. In the interim, I’m attending two Dodgers games at "home" in San Francisco.

The Dodgers went 0-8 over two weeks last time. Let’s see if things go better this time.

*Update - Section complete: The Dodgers went 7-3 on this adventure. So far this season, they’ve gone 8-11 in my presence.

May 21: Dodgers 2, Giants 1. (Media from 5/21)

May 22: Dodgers 6, Giants 3. (Media from 5/22)

May 23 through June 4: Finish old job.

June 5: Braves 6, Dodgers 4 (Media from 6/5)

June 6: Braves 4, Dodgers 2 (Media from 6/6)

June 7: Travel Day, Fly to Pittsburgh.

June 8: Dodgers 5, Pirates 3 (Media from 6/8)

June 9: Dodgers 2, Pirates 1 (Media from 6/9)

June 10: Dodgers 6, Pirates 3, F/8 (Media from 6/10)

June 11: Return to Oakland

June 14: Start new job

June 19: Dodgers 9, D-Backs 3 (Media from 6/19)

June 20: Return to Oakland

July 4: Fly to Miami

July 5: Marlins 5, Dodgers 4 (Media from July 5)

July 6: Return to Oakland, Move to San Mateo

July 17: Fly to Denver, Dodgers 9, Rockies 2 (Media from July 17)

July 18: Return to San Mateo

That will conclude my in-person baseball just after until the All Star Break. As always, the goal is to celebrate life after a year of so much pain for all of us.

Thanks for coming along!

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