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Dodgers rise back to top of power rankings

They are No. 2 in most rankings

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MLB: MAY 23 Dodgers at Giants Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I’m sure you’re all really curious as to where the Dodgers rank in every media’s power rankings this week. Don’t worry, I got you covered. (I care less about these than the current standings, but enjoy!)

The Athletic

Last week: 3 | This week: 2

Yes, it is just as we all suspected entering the season — Albert Pujols is starting for the Dodgers at first base and owns an OPS+ in Dodger Blue that is a perfectly average 100. Yup, saw it all along, of course, that Max Muncy would lead all position players in bWAR at 3.1, putting him on pace for a Troutian 10.6-WAR season. Could something unexpected please happen with this team for once?

OK, back to our shared reality, where all of that remains true except for the part about anybody seeing this coming. (If you did see it coming, why are you reading these rankings? Don’t you have stock tips to send me?) But what has been predictable is that the Dodgers and Padres are vying for supremacy in the National League. That they have won seven straight, including sweeping a surprisingly stout Giants team this weekend, is what you’d think the Dodgers would do. But that they’ve done it despite being so short-handed — their injured list alone could claim a wild-card spot — truly is impressive.

Just imagine what will happen when Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager return.

Last week: 3 | This week: 4

At this point, we can safely assume the Dodgers’ early-season malaise has come to a close. Los Angeles has won 11 of 12, which is almost enough to erase the sting of losing 15 of 20 prior to this stretch. And while we’re no longer pontificating that this team could win the most games in baseball history, it’s notable that they’re on pace for 100 wins — even with all that losing earlier this month.

NBC Sports

Last week: 13 | This week: 2

It’s safe to say the Dodgers have put their rough patch behind them. They’ve won nine of their last 10 games to reestablish their dominance in the NL West. Well, dominance over all of their division rivals except...

CBS Sports

Last week: 9 | This week: 2

I’m not sure how it’ll shake out long term, but the Albert Pujols experience so far has been pretty fun.

USA Today

Last week: 3 | This week: 2

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