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Alex Wood, Jake McGee get their Dodgers championship rings

Current Giants pitchers got their 2020 World Series rings on Friday

Former Dodgers left-handers Alex Wood and Jake McGee got their 2020 World Series championship rings before Friday’s game at Dodger Stadium, the latest old friends to be so adorned as they return to Dodger Stadium this season.


Mike Tauchman, on his game-saving catch over the left field wall to rob Albert Pujols of a game-winning home run in the ninth inning Friday, per Kerry Crowley of the San Jose Mercury News: “I was able to get to a spot where I was able to time up my jump. Sometimes the ball goes in, sometimes it doesn’t, and that time it did. I just happened to make the play for the boys.”

Wonders Marc Normandin at Baseball Prospectus: “How are we supposed to trust that MLB can get the ball right, when they spent years dissembling to us about whether they were messing with the ball, and then, when they were finally upfront about it, they adjusted the baseball in a way that doesn’t work like they said it would, and in fact made things worse?”

RJ McDaniel at FanGraphs wrote about their several bus trips from Vancouver to Mariners games in Seattle, and how current bag policies across MLB might have prevented some fond memories from ever happening.

Bill Shaikin at the Los Angeles Times looked at the scarcity of knuckleball pitchers in the majors, with quotes from several in and around the game, including Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi, to name a few.