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Dodgers still heavy favorite to win it all despite rough patch

They are still the favorites but their odds took a slight hit

Los Angeles Dodgers v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Despite a stretch in which the Dodgers lost nearly every game imaginable, they are still the heavy favorite to win the World Series in 2021. However, their odds took a slight hit.

To open the season, the Dodgers were 3/1 favorites to win their second consecutive championship. They still have much better odds than any other team, but their value is no longer 3/1. Instead, it’s 17/5, or 3.4/1. I know, such a hit! The Dodgers could lose 10 games in a row and they’d still be the betting favorite (as they should be!)

Their odds (9/5) to win the National League haven’t changed, but their odds to win the division have. They opened the season at 2/5, meaning you’d win $2 for every $5 you spent. Now, they’re currently 4/15, meaning you’d win $4 for every $15 you spent.

If I were to place a bet, I’d still bet on the Dodgers to win it all.

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