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Andrew Friedman weighs in on recent Dodgers slump

He talks about LA’s rough three week stretch

MLB: 2019 Spring Training Media Days Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers are going through a pretty bad slump right now. They’ve lost four consecutive series’ and are sitting at third place in the NL West. What do you think Andrew Friedman’s thoughts are on this slump? Well, the LA Times caught up with him to hear his thoughts.

“It’s funny: I thought there was a chance that winning a World Series would help give you perspective for games that you lose in April, but it has not. It’s just kind of an imperfect storm. I think the offensive slump that a number of guys are going through is part of the game, and to be expected over the course of the season. I think it’s really rare for five or six guys to be going through it at the same time. That, coupled with the number of injuries we’ve had that have been so concentrated, has contributed to it as well.”

Friedman also talked about all the different injuries the Dodgers have been dealing with and how he believes they’ll be fine once everyone returns the help. However, he added that it doesn’t change the fact that this stretch has been frustrating.

“It doesn’t change the fact that this has been a really frustrating run for all of us. Those losses are in the bank. But I feel very confident we’re going to start playing a much better brand of baseball and, fortunately, our strong start allowed us not to dig too deep a hole in these last couple weeks.”

“It gets back to the overall talent of the group, which we still very much believe in. But the imperfect storm has been in games that we have hit well but haven’t pitched well, games that we have pitched well but haven’t hit well and have struggled to tack on runs throughout the game. There are periods when this happens. This feels more dramatic, and maybe because we’re mired in it right now.

“We’ll be on the upswing soon. But obviously this stretch has not been fun. Each day I wake up thinking that today is going to be the day we break out of it. But, really, it’s not about any one day. It’s about doing it consistently, night in and night out, and that’s what we have to get back to.”

A lot of people (maybe myself included) have panicked recently over the Dodgers’ rough stretch. After a 13-2 start, the Dodgers looked like 100 wins would be no problem. Now, their pace is about 85 wins.

Will the Dodgers turn it around? Yes. Will the Dodgers win the NL West? Most likely, yes. Everything will be fine. Now, just please win this series against the Angels.

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