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What would you like to see the Dodgers do at the trade deadline?

Would you like to see them hold onto the farm, or make a strong move?

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers-Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB trade deadline is only a few days away. Once 1:00 p.m. PT passes on Friday, no more deals will be made over the remainder of the season.

The Dodgers find themselves in an interesting situation. They could definitely use some starting pitching upgrades, even potentially some upgrades in the bullpen along with a bat. There are a number of names the Dodgers have been attached to, but who will Andrew Friedman pull the trigger on?

There could be a deal today, or there might not be one made until Friday. With plenty of time for us to discuss all the latest rumors, I would like to turn this to you all and see where your mindset is at ahead of this deadline.

Is there a certain player you would love the Dodgers to acquire? If so, would you be willing to trade away big-time prospects? Let’s take Max Scherzer for example. Would you be willing to part ways with a young catcher like Keibert Ruiz or Diego Cartaya? Or, would you rather have LA trade for a middle-tier type of player while holding onto the top prospects.

Let me know in the comments which players you have your eyes on and what you’d be willing to part ways with in order to acquire them!

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