#SaveEli: Return to the Journey's End: Prelude.

The trade deadline is imminent! The FABLED BOYS IN BLUE, THE LOS ANGELES DODGERS will conclude their 2020 World Championship title defense very soon. But this story was never about them....

ELIDELAJANDRO started this journey trying to overcome heartbreak and a melancholy that he just could not shake. ELI vowed to seize the day more often after being vaccinated for COVID-19, but he could sense that something was missing while following the DODGERS.

ELI and ADRIC THE ADIPOSE have been all over the world together, and now they have been to over twenty games in 11 different cities this season. With ADRIC's help, ELI realized that things must change: it is time to invite others to join him on his adventures, while he completes his travelogue for TrueBlueLA.

Before ELI and ADRIC return to the road for one final time, they have opened their home and invited friends and family to join them on outings to watch THE FABLED BOYS IN BLUE clash with their mortal rivals in SAN FRANCISCO in July and September.

In their final adventure of the season, ELI and ADRIC will travel to ST. LOUIS, LOS ANGELES, and CINCINNATI. When ELI returns to LOS ANGELES, he will be joined by ELI's father, who has not been to DODGER STADIUM in over 30 years....

And so we arrive at the final adventures of the season. In some respects, this travelogue has changed my life in very fundamental and very unexpected ways. In retrospect, I admit that I was a lot more in the dumps than I realized back at the beginning of the season. It's understandable because my life had been unrooted in very profound ways and yet I was stuck in a professional rut.

Now, I am very much freed and I have started to work on myself. It is a humbling and scary thing to bear oneself for the review of strangers through friends and acquaintences. To be honest, I have only met one of you: Scully's Tie and that was to go to Vin Scully's final game. If I hadn't reached out, I certainly wouldn't have become a part of this community. I certainly wouldn't have traveled all over the continent for baseball. Life's changes often do not come with a trumpet's call, but often arrive with the changing of the wind, in subtle ways.

These posts only last a month for comments, so odds are I will break up this portion of the travelogue into sections, when the time is right. The script for the Opening Crawl is just about ready, just waiting on one last thing before I render it.

If everything goes to plan, the only places in the National League that I will have yet to visit are Petco Park in San Diego and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. That will occur next season...most likely.

As for the future of SaveEli, all I'm able to confirm for now is that a successor series is planned and a theme has been chosen. I'm extremely excited about it.

As always, thank you for coming along. I do plan to flesh out trip guides for everywhere I have visited this year, so that anyone that wishes to go any of the 13 National League cities I've visited will have the benefit of the travelogue and my experiences.


Here's the schedule:

July 28: Dodgers 8, Giants 0. (Media from 7/28)

July 29, Giants 5, Dodgers 0 (Media from 7/29)

September 4: BONUS: Dodgers at Giants. (My brother and family are coming to town.)

September 7: Fly to St. Louis, Dodgers at Cardinals (confirmed) Section 189, Row 11, Seat 11. (right above the Dodgers’ bullpen)

September 8: Dodgers at Cardinals (confirmed) Section 159D, Row G, Seat 4. (right by the Dodgers’ dugout) - John Daly bobblehead night.

September 9: Dodgers at Cardinals (confirmed) Section 250, Row 3, Seat 13. (Cardinals’ club seating)

September 10: Fly to Los Angeles

September 11: Padres at Dodgers (confirmed) Section Reserve VIP 1, Row B, Seats 18 and 19.

September 13: D-backs at Dodgers (probable, unconfirmed)

September 15: D-backs at Dodgers (confirmed) Left Field Home Run Seats, Row 1, Seats 7 and 8.

September 16: Fly to Cincinnati

September 17: Dodgers at Reds (confirmed) Section 139, Row AA, Seat 1. (right by/above the Dodgers’ bullpen).

September 18: Dodgers at Reds (confirmed) Section 220, Row A, Seat 5. (Reds’ club seating)

September 19: Return to San Francisco, End of SaveEli 2021.

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