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Max Scherzer loves himself some roast beef

Tasty tidbits on the Dodgers new acquisition

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When the Dodgers acquired Max Scherzer ahead of Friday’s trade deadline, his performance on the field is what most everybody was interested in. But what about how the man prepares for a start?

According to numerous stories out of the nation’s capital, Scherzer loves to devour a large roast beef sandwich before climbing the mound to throw a baseball.

“Most of the clubhouses, they’ll have deli meat in the clubhouse,” Scherzer told ESPN. “So I just go out and make a huge sandwich and put some cheese on it. We’re looking at probably half-pound, three-quarters of a pound of meat. That’s what gets me going.”

Just watching the man pitch, it’s easy to see how that intensity could make a person hungry. Scherzer started doing it because he would be so hungry by game’s end, he needed to fill himself up prior to the game in order to quench the hunger.

So go out and get yourself a big roast beef sandwich before Wednesday’s game with Houston. That’s the day the Dodgers expect Scherzer to make his first start with the team.